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Santoro Engineering Company has the capacity utilizing the personnel of the firm to perform the work in a timely manner with consideration to our current and planned workload. The key personnel of the company assigned to projects include the principal in charge and professional associates of the firm, with technical support of surveyors, CADD technicians, and stenographer. The key personnel will perform the basic design of all engineering functions of the project including the preparation of surveys, construction specifications and detailed construction plans.

Santoro Engineering Company personnel are familiar with and have had significant experience in the design and construction management for many roadway, drainage, bridge, water and wastewater improvements projects in Clermont County and Southwest Ohio. Examples of completed work of the same nature include the representative projects listed under the firm’s qualifications. These projects involved the planning, design, surveying, construction supervision and inspection for roadway, access, parking, drainage, bridge, site development, water and wastewater systems.

The performance of previous projects has resulted in very successful project improvements consistent with good engineering and construction practices resulting in permanent and easily maintained public infrastructure, sewer and water system improvements. The work on projects has been performed in a very timely manner within the limitations of the projects funding, and the control of the budget through cost benefit design has resulted in actual project costs being within or at the project budget amount. It is within our methodology for design development to include value engineering for cost benefit and to insure a cost effective useful life for the particular system involved.

The firm is fully committed to development of design drawings and specifications utilizing CADD and computer aided techniques for preparation of contract documents. This allows for a very efficient design development process and allows the timely completion of the projects. All field surveying is accomplished through the use of Wild and Topcon Total Stations and Data Collectors, and GPS Receivers and Processing Equipment.

The company is well situated with offices near Batavia, in Georgetown and in the City of Milford. The service area is well accessed by these offices, i.e., Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana. The professional services can also be provided in the states of Virginia and New York where previous work has been performed and professional registration is active.

The project will be staffed by a multi-disciplinary team with diversified talents and expertise. The planning and design staff is directed by Angelo J. Santoro, P.E., P.S., C.B.O., and William A. White, P.E., P.S., C.B.O. Santoro Engineering Company has had extensive experience in planning, design, construction management, inspection and implementation of public water and sanitary sewer systems improvement projects. The firm has devoted more than forty years to a systematic and professional engineering approach to the quality of growth, the human and natural environment. The project team is ‘ready to serve’ our clients so that project timing results in best cost results.

The key personnel and associates of the firm are:

Angelo J. Santoro, P.E., P.S., C.B.O., Principal Project Engineer
William A. White, P.E., P.S., C.B.O., Associate Project Engineer
Gary D. Ross, P.S., C.B.I., Construction Supervisor/Survey Coordinator/CADD Technician
Michael L. Huston, P.S., Engineering/CADD Technician
Mark S. Jaehnen, Engineering Assistant
Charles E. Simpson, Engineering/CADD Technician
Christopher W. Hatfield, Engineering/CADD Technician
Ron Hessler, Engineering Co-op, EIT
Joseph W. Baker, Surveyor/GPS Operator/Construction Inspector
David Ross, Surveyor Assistant
Bonnie J. Holt, Manager of Administration
Katie Turning, Secretary
Engineering and Surveying Co-op Personnel from various colleges

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